How to Choose the Right Affiliate Program

How to choose the best affiliate program

Stay till the end to find out what affiliate program I’m part of.

It’s very important to choose the right affiliate program

Because your going to be spending most of your time with the program and want to make sure your not wasting your time.

A good place to start is Click Bank

It’s a good place because it’s free to make an account and pays you commission right away


Commissions are what you make every time you make a sale

The best affiliate programs are those that pay you 60% or more commissions

anything less is not worth your time.

Another thing to loOK for is
High Gravity

High gravity is showing you how much it’s selling for other people,

the higher it is the better the market

But that goes up and down depending on the market so don’t spend to much time loOKing at that that much, but it’s a good thing to watch out for.
The Numbers

A trick I use to save time when loOKing for the affiliate programs is once I’ve signed up

1) I go to marketplace 2) choose the category 3)loOK for the numbers

You should loOK for the numbers ex:

Initial $/sale: should always be under 25 $

everything else is better high

Grav: 33.64 that’s OK not the best but it’s OK

Sales page

The next thing to do after you loOK at the numbers

There should be a site to loOK at about the program

Check out the sales page, does it loOK good would you buy it

See if they give you support in selling the product.
Also Another Trick To see how good The program is

It’s called CBengine

When you choose your affiliate program

click promote it’s going to give you name at the top

Copy and paste that name in the cbengine site on the right

where it says keywords to see the graph, just a little extra information

These are some easy steps to take to save you time when looKing for programs. You can be searching a long time before you find the right affiliate program for your needs, and desires.
Not every affiliate program is the right one, I learned that the hard way, so it’s good to follow the steps and know what’s the best one to get into.
I’m glad to say that I found a great program that pays me 100% commissions it tooK time but I got it and joined right away and glad I did.